Do you work around my schedule? Yes. Once we are dialed in, we often handle your personal books without you even realizing they are getting done.
What is CES’s cancelation policy? Everything is month to month. We do ask that you give us 30 days notice so we don’t get started working on something you don’t want us doing.
If I leave CES, how do I get my stuff? Your financial information is provided to you every month. It should already be with you, if not, just let us know and we’ll assure you have the latest copies.
Do you work with PayPal? Yes, we work with PayPal!
Do you take ACH for payment? No at this point in time we do not.
When will I get my first bill? We collect your billing information to reserve our services, but we won’t charge you until you have decided to move forward with our services.
I haven’t done my books for a long time. Do you provide catch-up services? Yes we do! Honestly, most people hire us after they have fallen behind. Speak with our bookkeeper to learn more.
Will you file my taxes? We do not file taxes, but we can refer you to an excellent CPA in our network. We will also work directly with your CPA to ensure that they have all the reports they need to file your taxes on time.
Do I need to commit to any certain amount of time? No, all of our services are month to month.
How do you get copies of my files? All copies are provided to you via dropbox.
Can I get references? Absolutely, just ask.
Can you work with all versions of quickbooks? We always work with the latest released version. All quickbooks versions work on older files. We should not have any issues working on your file.
What is your average delivery time? It just depends on the amount of work needing to be done, but generally, we complete your quickbooks work very quickly.
Do your personal concierge or admin services include bookkeeping? No, those services are reserved for tasks outside of our bookkeeping work.

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