What is the difference between Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization?
The term Social Media Optimization usually doesn’t include the act of promoting content through such methods as requesting votes. SMO involves creating the right content and setting a website up to be friendly to social media users, but doesn’t go as far in terms of promoting the content. SMO does take into account that you may to develop quality links to a social account to drive its presence with the search engines.

How does Social Media Monitoring help my business? First and foremost, social media monitoring will help you with Online Reputation Management. This is a large component in the entire social media puzzle because you can use the social media to monitor your brand online. If your business can thrive on social media, then engaging with your current and prospective customers can be extremely beneficial. Finally, you can also use social media to spy on your competition and see how engaged they are in their market place.

Should I be using one of the larger social media sites or focus on more niche social networks? This all depends on your specific company and social media goals. More general social media sites cover a variety of types of different topics. On the other hand, more focused/niche social media sites showcase very specific types of content. Because of this, niche social media sites can result in driving highly targeted traffic to your site. This audience may be smaller than on major social sites but are likely to be highly interested in your content.

Can I submit my own content to social media sites? Almost all social media sites allow users to submit their own content. The bigger issue here is the reaction from the audience of the social media site and any unwritten rules that may exist. Digg users, for example, are known for not appreciating self submissions. StumbleUpon users often also look down on someone submitting or giving a thumbs up to their own content. Most smaller social media sites, including those that target a specific niche, have audiences that welcome self submissions.

How many social media sites should I use? While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of social media sites out there, it’s impossible to use them all. Generally, it’s more effective to use a small number actively.

If social media traffic converts poorly, why is it worth my time? If your intent is to directly sell products (or something similar) it probably is not worth your time. In this case there are other things you could be doing with your time that would likely create better results. However, in most cases social media marketing is worth your time because of the exposure, name recognition and branding opportunities that it presents. In addition, it doesn’t cost anything to promote content with social media (unless you hire someone for this purpose), and there are other benefits, such as increased search engine traffic through link building, and the opportunity to gain new subscribers.

Why do I need to add “friends”? Many social media sites include a friends feature that allows users to connect. Social media is after all “social”, and building a network of other users and a stronger profile for yourself will lead to more influence. Many “power users” of social media get tons of votes for their submissions because they have so many friends, and those friends are more likely to see their submissions and to vote for them.

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